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Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Short PSA About Seatbelts

On the mornings that I'm being a lazy slag and blogging or whatnot before I go off to work, I have the option of NOT putting the oldest boy on the bus. I can actually slag off for almost an HOUR and then drive him to school with the rest of the soccer moms.

I elect to do this way more than I should.

But for the past three years, I've noticed something that really really really bothers me every morning.

My kid is in the backseat, in his booster seat, with a seatbelt on.

Your kid?

Why is your kid sitting in the front seat NOT wearing a seatbelt jumping all over the seat?

It's not just Mom's either. I see Dads, Grandma's etc......I'd say more than 50% of the car-rider line has kids not in ANY type of restraint. Plus they are in the front seat.

It'd be different if the kids had started out in the right place but once they got into line popped into the front for goodbyes and kisses as we all pull up at 1 mph through the line.

No, I'm FOLLOWING YOU DOWN THE ROAD......seeing your not buckled in kids bouncing all over your car.

Now, I know for a FACT that your Yuppie self would strap these kids in any other time of day. I've seen you go to the grocery and the mall and out for a Saturday drive. YOU STRAP YOUR KIDS IN.

Why on EARTH do you think that going to school is some magical safe zone and it's ok not to strap them in safely where they go? DO YOU EVEN LISTEN to the Atlanta radio traffic reports every morning? Because every OTHER thing is "crash here, crash there...."

Love them enough to buckle them up. Be inconvenienced. Let them be inconvenienced.

I have to ask "I'm sorry WHAT did you say about the Dalek vs. Destroyer Droid force fields?" to the little voice in the back seat when he doesn't speak loudly enough. I could let him sit up front and not have to repeat what is surely one of the more tedious conversations of my day.

But I don't.

Because I love him. Love yours. Buckle them up.


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