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Thursday, September 16, 2010

C Is For Cookie

What do you need to bake cookies.

First you need a container of 100 cookie cutters.

Then, you need a couple of boys to help.

And then after you roll out the dough and cut out the shapes, you can put them in the oven.

There is a secret about these cookies. These are the best cookies in the history of the world. They are thick and huge and wonderful. And I slather them with butter cream icing.

These are Marian Davis's sour cream cookies. Marian Davis was my grandma's neighbor. She lived two doors down. And her sour cream cookies were not a trifle. She didn't just make them randomly. No. It was for special occasions. Easter. Halloween. And you had to be on the A List. Random neighborhood kids DID NOT GET SOUR CREAM COOKIES. No, just her granddaughters friends.

I was on the A list.

I usually only made them at Christmas. But we had a batch left in the freezer so we took it for a spin. Surprisingly, it was fine.

I once tried to ship these cookies to The Queen of Spain after she had surgery. But it was a tragic mess by the time they arrived. I learned that no matter what Martha Stewart says, soft iced cookies DO NOT SHIP WELL. Erin received an iced blob in the mail.

This is my secret cookie recipe. But, lately I consider sharing it. Because it seems wrong to horde the best cookies in the world when everyone should have them. I will ponder this further. And decide later.

Until then.

I had the best cookies in the world.

And you didn't.


Heather said...

you have the neatest baking stuff! Where did you find 100 cookie cutters I don't even think I have one ....