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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Door Holding Etiquette for Patrons of the Chuck E. Cheese

Dear God I don't know how some people get out of their house and function properly. I swear to GOD I don't. How do you survive in your ridiculous little life - what with all of the enormity of injustice heaped upon you on a daily basis?
Well, luckily, Gidge is here to help you - to bring you some peace during these trying holiday times to alleviate some of your frustration and bad temperament.

Let's cover - HOLDING DOORS.

Holding doors open for folks is friendly, good manners and just polite. I'm not the best at it in the world, but I try. I always, ALWAYS say thank you when someone holds a door for me. I think it's something someone doesn't HAVE to do and I think it's lovely when they bother.

So yesterday - the boy and I are trudging into the Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party for one of his friends. As we slog through the rain/sleet/ugliness two other families are almost at the door as well. I get there first - and hold the door.

Family 1 passes through.

Family 2 is slightly further back - but is VERY overloaded with STUFF so, to be polite- I stand and hold the door - even making small talk as they go through.

Then I start into the door myself. Out of the corner of my eye I see a woman and her child who I had never seen, who weren't all that close even- suddenly come RUNNING - so although I'm in the door already - I lean back and hold it open as she's suddenly closed the gap considerably. Which is why I can HEAR her as she's snarling,"Oh fine just slam the door on my face nice manners, nice christmas spirit. NICE SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!"

Ummmmmmmm what? Woman, you weren't anywhere NEAR- possibly not even parked when I got to the door. I SAW you were nearing and halted - holding the door so that it in fact DID NOT slam your face. What the hell?

This woman glared at me as we went in, and the nice lady at Chuck E. Cheese asked "Are you all together?" at which point Mary Sunshine barks "We're not with HER".


I swear from now on I'm just not going inside, I'll just stand and wait to see if anyone, ANYONE in the parking lot would like to go inside.


Frank said...

ummm, you left out the stuff you said back to her....

Laura said...

She was probably just upset because her kid was making her go into Chuck E Cheese in the first place. Damn, I hate that place.

Emma said...

i wanna know what you said to her!