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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Popcorn and Down Syndrome Screening

Just when you think that you won't be able to distract yourself from a test you're not looking forward to, reality comes along and gives you something to figure out.
Such as - why is my child making that noise with is nose?
And - why is he gingerly touching his nose making a snuffing sound?

When I tilt his head back......I see the problem.

He's stuffed popcorn kernels into his nostrils.

Both of them.

I try to dislodge them with my pinkie fingernail but quickly realize that this is pushing them further back. So I gingerly push from his cheeks toward the opening of his nose and VOILA - it rains popcorn kernels out his nose.

Ahhhhhhh.......the stuff they don't put in the books - eh?

Know what else they don't put in books? Well, they might put it in books, but like - they don't properly beat you over the head with it - is that they're gonna scare the bejesus out of you about down syndrome if you're an older mother.

We're going tomorrow to get the baby screened for down syndrome. It's a fancy ultrasound that looks for physical markers. If they see the physical markers they'll recomment amniocentesis.

85% of all Down Syndrome children are born to women under 35. My chance of having a Child with Down Syndrome is only 2% - which is 98% chance of it not being a problem at all then isn't it?

Yet I fret a little.

I suppose at this point all I can hope is that some day he or she grows up, and doesn't stick popcorn kernels up her nose.


Tara said...

As the mom of six (one of which happens to have Down syndrome, btw), I can safely assure you that your kid will stick something up his or her nose! :) When this happens, here's what you do: If only one nostril is clogged, pinch close the other one and blow in the child's mouth as hard as you can...the bead, popcorn kernal, or bee bee will fly out. :)

Blessings on your pregnancy (I can tell you that Ds has turned into the ultimate gift for our family)!