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Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't Call Me Mom

Unless I gave birth to you.
Seriously. I mean, unless you are my child, physically, spiritually or legally - don't call me mom. It's freaky.
The school nurse, calls me MOM. But she says it condescendingly like I'm a retard. Or as though I'm some lesser member of royalty that she's slighting with a "Your Grace" vs a "Your Highness"......
I mean lord.
What's wrong with Mrs X? Or my first name.........the one my parents picked out. I mean, I know you've got records. You know my first and last name. Hell I'm not a big fan of Ms. but I do realize that if you aren't sure of marital status it's easier to use, so we could go for that.

When I was in labor the nurses called me Mom. I thought that was weird as well. I realize it was meant to be encouraging.......but -it was annoying.

Now that I think about it, sometimes the nurses at the pediatrician's office call me Mom.


NURSES! Hear me NOW! Mrs, Ms. or just my NAME will get it.

I'm not your Mom. I don't just call you NURSE!


Lalapoo said...

i so agree with you, when I was pregnant with my second child (zazou) everybody at my office called me mom, i would go to the bank and they would call me mom,i go to my first daughters day care and they call me mom; and dont get me started with the people at the hospital.. Urgh!!