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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Lump Of Coal For Martha Stewart...Or Maybe A Handful of Molten Lava

One day, during the world's longest miscarriage, I took my biggest boy onto my lap, and had him pick out the things in the Holiday Martha Stewart magazine that he thought would be yummy to make and tops on his list were her Peppermint Icicles.

Now, I'm a fan of making candy but I've never REALLY made hard candy before - but I figure if you follow the logic of baking - just FOLLOW the recipe and you can't go wrong.


Candy making is it's own weird thing.

First off, let me condemn Martha to the hell of molten lava because her instructions say that you should be able to start pulling this confection just a few minutes after pouring it into a pan to cool.

See that blistered and bloody mess? That's my finger. The finger I lightly touched to to surface to test it - as it seemed WAY too hot to put my hands into - as her instructions indicated would be safe to do. I swear, it said "mixture will be very hot." Should've said "Mixture will be flesh melting hot." So I screamed for the husband and he came running and put HIS hands into the molten lava..... And yes, it MELTED the rubber gloves. I went to work making the blue section, pulling and twisting it. And then we started putting them together. What a mess. Yes that is a giant rope of candy cane (peppermint icicles). And now, a home movie - as shot by a six year old - with direction and narration by Lil Satchmo

Eventually though, we had some semblance of Peppermint Icicles. You can see the carnage of the candy that didn't make it off the pan for the pulling process - it's still brown. They taste pretty good, they're fairly subtle - as far as the flavor goes. I'd put in more mint next time.


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Narration provided by a young Richard Attenborough

christa said...

there will actually be a "next time"???

Anonymous said...

Don't use the gloves, just butter your hands. Next time try a candy thermometer.

Frank said...

Hey anonymous: 2 things-we did use a candy thermometer, that is virtually the only way to get various candies to their correct temperature. Oh and butter is a heat accelerant. That means, if the candy was too hot to touch, any burns caused would be multiplied in intensity by the butter

Gidge said...

Yeah....we used the candy thermometer. We also followed the instruction on WHEN it would be safe to put your hands in the candy - which were WRONG.

But Thanks for playing.

rabidxdisease said...

i have never had luck with candies. They end up too hard, too soft, the wrong color, or I melt utensils. If we get enough burns and restock our kitchen gadgets enough it seems like we'll figure it out one of these days!

your icicles turned out cute though. very festive!