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Friday, December 22, 2006

Something Terrible Has Happened

I don't know what it is.
But if I don't privately email you for a while, here is the deal.
My entire AOL email address book is GONE.

When I work up this morning, all of my saved web favorites were wiped out. I know we got hit with a TROJAN so the PC had to be worked on. Then I noticed I no longer had a set email signature. No big deal, all of my old SENT mail was sill there so I dug it out and set it back up.

But then, I was just getting ready to send and email, and I typed in the first few letters of my sister in laws name in the email field........and NOTHING CAME UP.
I was like,hmmmm, that's weird. Click on address book.

So, there are a lot of email addresses in there that I don't have memorized. MANY OF THEM ARE YOURS. I suppose this is the equivalent of my SIM card dying in my phone (oh LORD Knock on wood).

I ask you now, please email me at home so that I can recompile some semblance of an email address list. I suppose this solves my query of when and how to delete my recently deceased from the email address book. I had sort of planned to come to grips with it and do it on the first. I guess it's just easier to have someone else rip that bandaid off.

Now, just for fun, here is a shot of me, a couple of guys I work with and a Playboy Bunny, Sarah Elizabeth. Where I work, a Playboy Bunny comes once a year for a big event they host. Is it me, or does she look photoshopped in? I swear she was really there!

Now email me, PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

She TOTALLY looks photoshopped in.

Anonymous said...

I bet that guy standing next to her is wishing he had worn something a little nicer to work that day!