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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Help Me Help You

Or, just help me.
Here is the problem.
I am a sweets junkie. I can eat sweets like there is no tomorrow.
And I want to go back WW after the first of the year. I want to re-establish myself as a disciple of my lord and master BILLY BLANKS. Cuz I lost weight, and I'm down to an 18 which might not sound so skinny unless you knew that I was sporting a 26-28 quite comfortably this time last year. So yeah, I know that Billy and WW work.
But you see, there is candy, and treats of various ilk just lying about.
SO I have a plan.
The Queen already confessed that despite her ass toning gym workout today she splurged on fudge, and then told me she ate the rest of the christmas cookies. I don't chide. I say WELL DONE!
Eat them up! Get thee behind me Satan! Or as Fat Bastard would say, "GET IN MY BELLY!"
Personally, I'm on a mission to consume every sweet possible prior to the new year.
If I get as many of them consumed between now and then as possible, then they won't be here to torture me when I'm counting points again, right? I'm consuming. I'm eating Chocolate Raspberry covered almonds, sugared fruit slices, maple nut goodies, christmas cookies, chocolate covered bing cherries and blueberries from Harry and David, candy candy candy candy etc.
You get the picture.
I must consume.

So, while I eat myself into a food coma, just remember this.

January I'm going to be bitter as hell. But hopefully, getting thinner.
My husbands request is that I not lose my back fat. I think that if I can lose the rest, the back fat can remain. I can't see my back anyway.

In other, unrelated news.......pirates have invaded my home.


Anonymous said...

I want those cookies and I want them now.

Send me cooooooooooooooookies.

Pirates at your house. Apparently blue monsters at mine.

Speaking of...did you see the Seasame Street where cookie monster eats something OTHER than cookies?

Sell out.

Anonymous said...

I am also going to be pissy in the New Year.

Until then it is cheese and wine and chocolate for me.

Can you please explain the back fat thing? I don't get it.

I wish Gabe wanted me to have back fat. That would be kind of easier than no back fat I think.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm........back fat

Anonymous said...

You mean you actually get more bitter?

Anonymous said...

Today is National Chocolate Day.