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Friday, November 25, 2005

Waiter, there's food under my butt!

It wasn't that I waited until I had my own children to ever take a child out of a high chair and clean them up. I had a little brother ten years younger than me. I baby-sat other people's children. Children make crazy messes.
But it seems that my very own Heckle and Jeckle have a special gift.
No matter how careful you are not to actually place any food there, they somehow both manage to get the majority of their dinners stuck under their butts. You might worry that they are digesting far too quickly and having massive diaper failure. Oh no, that's not it. They just put the food in their mouths, slobber it around a bit, then somehow it is teleported under their butts.
Just waiting for me to stand them up.
At Thanksgiving dinner Gabe told us that he's found chicken nuggets INSIDE Ian's diaper. How do they do this? What is this madness? I am sitting there, I am watching them. I feel certain either Gabe or Sarah is around for their twins eating as well. You'd think we'd NOTICE them stashing food in diapers or under their butts.
But no, this food just appears.
I feel that the Space Time Continuum may be involved.......and in that case, I can never understand it. (or disturb it!)


April Brandon said...

Somehow, it never seems to fail. Hunter, STILL manages to get food in his chair, under his butt....LMAO! He tries so hard to NOT make a mess, but I think that it is something that they forget how to do by the time that they are adults. I say that, then look in matthews chair, and low and behold......there is food in it. I think that it is a male thing....LMAO!!!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Great Scott!

Yes, chicken nuggets, cheerios, pasta all in the diaper at bathtime.

It is sort of like slight of hand.

Running2Ks said...

Food in the diaper is just.so.wrong.