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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Han Solo

It's a solo weekend for both Scott and me. He is solo, as in without any of us, for the first time in three years except his little stint in the hospital. He's at Epcot living La Vida Loca, or at least enjoying himself.
And the kids and I are hanging out, doing kids and mom stuff like baking cupcakes, playing hide and seek and Candyland and otherwise just being homebound but happy.
It's amazingly quiet here without two adults in the house.


april said...

I love being at home alone with the kids sometimes....it's great. But then i get to missing the lil booger....He had been home for almost a week, and now he's gone to toledo.
BTW, i watched a video or two at mom and dads yesterday...you were moving in and out your freshman year, ( i think) I got to see all sorts of COOL pics. Your dad may be crazy, but he has a sense of family and making sure that he has proof of everything.