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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Hobbit Adjustments

If you know me at all in life, you'll know that "popping" knuckles or joints of any sort makes me almost physically ill. If it happens to me I feel sick - I can't STAND it. If YOU do it I feel a wave of nausea just from the sound of your joints. It literally makes me sick, not figuratively. I cannot stand it.

Imagine my horror when, at physical therapy yesterday, as my hobbit of a therapist is trying to get me to do a yoga move and I can't do it to his satisfaction he says "Your back and hips are all compacted too tightly, I'm going to give you an adjustment."

I protested, at which point he reminded me he's not a whack job, he's a professional and he promised it would be ok. He rolled up a towel and put it behind my back, had me lace my fingers behind my neck (Like I'm off for an execution I tell you) and somehow this TINY HOBBIT OF A PERSON reaches up, grabs my wrists and lifts me off the table.

An explosion took place in my back as well as a loud multiple popping sound. It didn't hurt - instead, to quote my friend Allison - IT WAS LIKE I COULD BREATHE AGAIN. I didn't know I couldn't breathe but there suddenly was this WEIRD relief I could not find a way to comprehend.

We went back to yoga, which is a lot of my physical therapy now, and at the end I was rubbing my head, some how having gotten a headache in the process. He informed me I had been straining my neck when doing Cobra and another move, and that it was creating tension. Then he came over and once again put his hands on my spine - and did magic. CRACK CRACK CRACK BLAM headache was gone. In fact, it was like it poofed away inside my brain.

Magic I tell you.
So I'm trying to heal. I'm trying to having this pain stop and get back to being able to move normally and it's coming along but not quickly. I spend a lot of time just eating ibuprofen and keeping going. This is actually helping - just not very fast.

But now I want another adjustment. That was ridiculous.