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Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm Fine This Is Fine

I've been eliminating various things in a half assed attempt to figure out what I'm allergic to prior to going to the doctor. I'm not sure why, possibly I was going to say "I was having all these hives but I eliminated dairy and now I'm cured. I think YOU owe ME some money."

I mostly eliminated dairy, I quit drinking almond milk. I was actually doing pretty well over two days and then.....ERUPTION.

It's been suggested to me that it's stress. I can attest that sometimes, just sometimes, when I'm stressing the eruptions do flare. I reject this diagnosis.
To accept it would mean in some way my body is telling me I can't do things and I'm frankly not having that. I'm in the "doing things" phase. My stress isn't more than it's been. My stress is equi-stress to any other stress the past few years. In fact it might be less.

I say this with arms and hands and back that are literally ON FIRE while I wait for this fargin benadryl to kick in.

No I reject that it's stress. I want a pill to take or a food to eliminate (please don't let it be dairy) and then, THEN I will be fine and this nonsense will stop. I'm holding tight to that idea.

Also, to this image because it looks pretty awesome.
I'm positive my life is that chill all the time. Stress? What stress...