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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Trains, Trucks and Tractors REDUX

We decided to burn our last Saturday before school in the swealtering heat at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth. It was the Trains, Trucks and Tractors weekend which we haven't been to since God was a boy.

I'm required to say things like that, I live in the south.

We were pretty tame for the summer due to the financial constraints of not having a job but things are back on track and that's more of a relief than I can actually ever properly explain. It was nice to get out and feel like us again, soaking up the sunshine and the fun of big trucks, trains and climbing on tractors.

I've talked too many times about how I avoid being in pictures because of my massive case of body dysmorphia (ok I know I don't ACTUALLY look like Jabba but I feel like you think I do) but I can say I guess I don't hate that too much.

And we were having fun so maybe that's all I should worry about. I'll fail but you know. I can pretend.
Today's blog post is just a rambling mess without cohesion that's very self indulgent about a happy day out with my family. There can never be enough of these days in my world.
Their faces make me happy. Silly, happy, nevous, unsure - I love to look at them all and think about the adventures we had that day.

Today's post is a bookmark in my memory banks, of a day we were together and it was perfect.