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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sleep of the Not So Dead

If I lay down in bed I can be assured of a visitor or two. Or three. It usually starts with this boy. Yesterday I was in the grips of sinus hell and the medicine combating it which sent me to nap repeatedly throughout the day, leaving my oldest child in charge as the husband was even sicker than I.

This boy came into bed, draping his legs over mine and whispering "SHHHHH" as he prodded me into the snuggle position he wanted. He thought it was hilarious to take a picture snuggling in bed. Shortly after he found his spot, the girl showed up, shoving into the other side and saying she needed mommy.

My head was spinning, and aching, and I closed my eyes and tried to drift off despite four legs draped across me and an elbow in my side. I might have gotten fully asleep except that then the door opened again and Charlie came in, and demanded a spot beside Miles but he actually wanted to be beside me so he grabbed my arm, draping it across Miles, and resting my hand in his.

By that time I weighed about 500 pounds, cold medicine pressing me into the good mattress we'd bought using my mom's brand biases. I slipped in and out of sleep, based on which child was poking me, prodding me or fighting for the spot closest to me. 

At some point my husband sent in the oldest boy to remove the ruffians from my clutches and I slipped into the dark silence of medicated sleep. It's a really good sleep, isn't it? I love it when I don't feel good. Such a heavy, healing sleep happened for the next hour that I woke up feeling human, which was a nice surprise.

I think I'm chalking yesterday up to allergies - which is good because I'm not up for being sick AGAIN. I'm also not up for allergies but I'll take what I can get. It beats the living hell out of being sick yet again.