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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Traditions Born In Necessity

My brother texted me earlier to tell me that THE EASTER BUNNY CAME. He seemed pretty excited. He went on to tell me that he'd just gotten home at 2 and had remembered that Mom used to hide eggs all around the house. So he did, and was pretty happy about it.

So was I.

It reminded me, having forgotten, why we used to do it that way. When I was a little girl we'd go to the city park where instead of eggs they would just have scattered these candies about for the hunt.
They were wrapped, but this was all you got. It was still a pretty big deal, warranting a pretty dress and shoes for the occasion, there is no question where my own daughter gets it.

However one year nature didn't cooperate and the Saturday before Easter there were storms - and no hunt. I was heartbroken. When I woke up Easter morning my mom informed me that the Easter bunny felt so bad about the hunt being cancelled that he just came and hid eggs at our house - so I spent my morning hunting eggs all over.

The same thing happened the next year and boom, we had a family tradition.

Around here our traditions evolved around necessity, around having two special little guys. This year they evolved some more as Daddy is sick as can be. I made a general announcement that the Easter bunny will be making a SPECIAL trip to our house this evening as Daddy has special work to do to help him and he was quite sick this morning.
That seemed to be quite well accepted and allowed for some much needed rest for the Paterfamilias.
We decided to try rolling our eggs in whipped cream (vs shaving cream) and food coloring to see if we could make some pretty eggs.
I thought we were making something to eat. Sad.
But everybody got into the action which was good. It's fun to dye your eggs new ways. But you gotta have good old Paas on standby right?
The Bunny will be making an appearance after while, there will be great surprise I feel certain. Luckily Daddy is well enough to help him in his many candy related chores.
I hope he likes our offering.