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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time for a Mammogram

Alright I slacked off mightily. I was going every six months for two years because of a small cyst they were watching (it was nothing). But then I forgot. It seems I hadn't been for my annual in a couple of years and so that means I hadn't been for a mammogram. Oops.

I'll go back tomorrow. My prediction is I'll go tomorrow and then I'll get the OH SHIT call to come back because I need MORE tests with the different machine and we'll start the dance again. I won't freak out this time, I'll just go, and know that it's probably ok but they need to check because that's safe.

There isn't any breast cancer in my family, which means nothing except I'm not predisposed to it. I could get it. So I'll go and get my check and I'll do what needs to be done. My friend Michele Kocinski faced the bad news with amazing bravery, so I will use her as my example if I ever got such news.

I hate it. It's a pain in the ass. Yeah it hurts and it's embarrassing and weirdly dehumanizing to me. You have a stranger stick metal stickers to your nipples sometime, and manhandle your boobs like you aren't THERE and tell me it's not.

However, it's important. It's "this could save your life important". So I go. If for no other reason, than what you see right here.
I have every reason in the world to do it. So I'll go and I'll be glad I did, even if I don't enjoy it.