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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

You probably heard that last week Atlanta was brought to it's knees by two inches of snow.

This isn't about that.

This is about how much fun four children who rarely see snow can have, in just over an hour outside. It's funny, they always have this list, they wanna make snow angels and a snow man and have a snowball fight etc etc etc.
What's funny is how quickly the snow just becomes, wet and cold. And then they realize that we're out of things to do because we have done them all.
And then they wonder, so what now? When I assure them that this is in fact IT other than sledding (we don't own a sled) and point out that this is why winter is SO DREARY up north, I think it sinks in that snow is best as a rarity. I know I don't miss it.
It was fun for a couple of days. And we did even make a snowman.
It was a good excuse to wear the wonderful hats grandma knitted us too!
Now, back to rain and warmer weather. YAY Atlanta!