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Monday, December 02, 2013

Traditions Happen

Thanksgiving in families falls into a pattern I think. At our house it's turned into - Louis makes a pie of some sort - this year it's chocolate pretzel pecan pie. He drafted helpers.
My Hunny invents a new kind of dressing (this year featuring monkey bread and TexMex muffins) and when it's time, Louis goes to help with the bird.

It seems like a little thing, but I watch it every year and feel like it's a father son tradition that started when he was a little tiny guy who just wanted to help (at that time, he was allowed to SHAKE the spices and sprinkle some) and now he's a big guy and it's just something we do.
It's a weird little tradition that feels like we'd be missing something if we didn't do it that way. It's just us on Thanksgiving since we live so far from everyone, and it's nice to have these little things that make it so special.