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Saturday, September 07, 2013

It Was Poop Side Up !

This is a diary post of my morning. Enjoy.

At 5:17 am I was awoken by the feeling of being watched. Charlie was beside me, whispering "I want." What? No idea. I reached over and felt his diaper - it was soft so no pee, and no smelly yuck. I whispered to him to go to bed. His dad offered him a drink of water, and said the same. He wandered off.

An hour later Miles scooched into my bed, snuggling and pressing his face into my neck until he found his spot and we both drifted off. About 7:30 he whispered to me "Get up." I looked at the clock, and said "No, bedtime."

He wandered off, I feel back asleep.

At 8:30 ish he came back and touched my face and said "Get up." I was fully loaded with vitamin D and a night's sleep, so I said - ok. I noticed Charlie was in Julia's room and Julia was asleep in Charlie's bed, as I wandered into the bathroom. I had four children, so the first thing I do upon waking is hobble to the bathroom cuz, gotta pee.

I'm sitting there, contemplating my morning. It was early. I'd have time to make a nice breakfast, blog, consider how to do my hair today hell maybe look on pinterest for Up Do ideas and then Charlie came bouncing into the bathroom.

Covered in poop.

Nothing gets you of the toilet faster than poop everywhere.

When I say everywhere, I mean all over his shirt and inside of his pajamas and his industrial giant pull up was full to the breaking point, in fact had broken, with a horrible eruption that had occurred. I'm blaming the Taco Bell we had for dinner but really who knows. Autistic kids often have tummy problems and this is someting that does happen with my Charlie sometimes.

The husband was up instantly and he went on poop patrol - seeking out damage and ready to do disinfection in any room that had been desecrated, and I set about scrubbing the child and the clothes clean and getting him changed.

He did the Lysol duty while I scrubbed the inside of the pajama bottoms with alcohol and a baby wipe and I sat them on the side of the tub, then started to move them realizing they were in a bad place.


That's when I started giggling.

Whether or not the inside of my 9 year old's pajamas were laying poop stain side up, was the first conversation I got to have with my husband this morning. I can't tell you why it was funny. It just was.

I washed my hands about 8 times and took the little ones to have breakfast downstairs. I called Charlie in for a HEALTHY dose of Immodium because, we're going to see the Dutch Masters at the HIGH today and I am not having him poop all over the museum.  After he took it, I pointed him to the water cup on the counter and told him to take a drink if he needed one.

When I turned around he was taking all of the water cups, and putting them on the table, in the right places.

"I help," he said.

This was my morning.