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Saturday, August 17, 2013

And Then This Happened

My children are notorious coffee thieves of the worst sort. It's true. They just come up and take your coffee and drink the lot of it without a word. Well, sometimes they'll bring you the empty up to let you know that they need more coffee. The oldest boy has outgrown his thievery, he simply wants his own cup now. You can tell he grew up in a Starbucks world because he wants chocolate syrup and cream and sugar and all kinds of geegaws in his coffee.

So then this morning, I had left my cup on the table, as is my habit, while cleaning up breakfast. I hear from the dining room a small female voice announce "MOMMY YOUR COFFEE IS HOT!"

I see the girl wiping her face. Coffee thieves are often bad at hiding the evidence of their crime. They're a lot like those folks on COPS who have CRACK in their pockets and declare that "These aren't even my pants. I got them from some dude."

I say "Yes, it's too hot for you right now, I just poured it, sweetie."

She says "It's hot like a donkey, Mommy."

I turn off the tap and walk over to the dining room, "Hot like a donkey?"

She laughs and jumps up, shouting "WEE HOT WEEEEEE HOT WEEE HOT!" 

Apparently they aren't saying heehaw after all.