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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Officers - STOP DOING THIS

So everyone morning, me and the other brown blob cars go flying down the interstate toward Atlanta. At one particular exit ramp, usually sit a pair of police officers with radar, working together. Not really that unusual, and it's good to slow us all down and keep the treacherous Atlanta rush hour more reasonable and less Mad Max. Except for this one thing - the WAY in which they pull you over. You never know WHO they are going to pull over as we all roll past them, and how they handle it is -
one of them steps directly into traffic. Into ATLANTA RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC GOING FAST.

In all fairness, we've all slowed down a bit because hello COPS. But, more than once he's stepped directly in front of MY car in order to stop the person beside me. HI! WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GO? Into the police cars? Into HIM? Into the guy beside me as punishment for speeding? I've actually had to EXIT because I couldn't brake fast enough, and just get back on the damn highway.

Police in the Atlanta metro. PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. I am so so SO afraid one of you will get hurt by some one NOT paying attention.