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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Shower Of One's Own

Virginia Wolfe argued that to write fiction, women must have money and a room of one's own. I think that largely, we've come past the money part. Not that we're all rich, but women in the workforce are no longer a concept but a normal way of life.

I don't need a room of my own, because I like sharing my room with my husband and with a two year old about to transition to her very own big girl room. It's not a bad thing. It might not be my dream room but it's where I sleep and dream and the people I love are near.

No, what I need is a shower of my own.

Don't get me wrong I HAVE one. But unless I'm in there in the wee AM hours, it's not mine. The room is usually inhabited by at least one sprite singing, dancing and generally being loud and somewhat annoying in the mirror.

I was considering this, during my early AM shower this morning. I was letting the conditioner soak into my hair, slathering myself with some of my favorite hard milled soap ever. I was head to toe good smells and soapy slathery happiness when it occurred to me.

This is peace.

I've moved past the point where someone needs to be in the bathroom with me always when I use the toilet (well at least I get to escape at work) but showering....showering is bliss. It's hot water and steam and calm. I love showers. I feel refreshed and new and relaxed. When my kids are shouting and carrying on, it's a function of getting clean. It's not pleasant. I liken it to my 6 minute showers of high school. Just as fast as I can go and be socially acceptable.

Can I live in the shower?