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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Batman...Day Three And Counting

It started simply enough. After bath time, the girl child has decided she wants to get into the drawers and figure out clothes. She thinks that she should do this without any input from any sort of adult person.

Three days ago, Louis had tossed a Batman pajama top on the dresser. She spied it and shouted BATMAN!

Then, she had to wear it. The first day it was cute.
And she wore it around and then insisted that she sleep in it.

Then the next day.
And sleep in it. Declaring loudly, whenever questioned "I'm BATMAN!" and sometimes "I'm SUPERWHY BATMAN" because apparently they are the same person.

I'd like to claim to be awesome at "picking my battles" but I'm not. However, she benefits from being the fourth child and having two special needs brothers. Sometimes, I just don't have the strength of MIND to battle a two year old willing to go toe to toe with me.
So after we went out for parent teacher conference (IN A DIFFERENT SHIRT) we came home and took our bath. Then, she ran right over to the dirty clothes and grabbed it and brought it to me with big blue eyes.

I said NO. It's dirty. We'll wash it, you can wear it for jammies (mind you it's like a size 10 or something).

And her chin trembled. And her eyes began to leak. And she says "But Mommy I'm Batman."
To hell with it.

She's Batman.