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Monday, September 03, 2012

The Ultimate Hand-Me-Down

With four children I find hand-me-downs to be one of the worlds greatest ideas. When I had the oldest boy, I was 34 and had two GIANT baby showers most of which bestowed on me tons of clothes, which then were handily worn by my twins 19 months later. Passing clothes down for someone else to wear is probably the worlds original recycling effort.
But we've got one hand-me-down around these parts that is better loved than any other.

I know where it came from. It was given to me at a baby shower at my job, a blue and white baby jammie with a Peter Pan collar (seen above flipped us cuz it's the 80s I guess). My oldest boy wore it, and then my twins wore it. It got put into a box of old clothes, I'm pretty sure but then somehow it came out one day. Or maybe it didn't make the cut and somehow the kids got ahold of it.

Regardless, one Christmas, Santa brought my oldest son a Cabbage Patch doll (named Jamil Cesar, no really that's his name) and one of the first things we had to do was make sure Jamil had jammies for night time. My son drug out these blue and white jammies and swaddled him up. It's been an on and off tradition, swaddling Jamil into his jammies. Mostly these days Jamil is naked and tossed off somewhere, and the jammies on a bed or on the floor.

I guess Jamil gets hot and takes them off.

But last night as we were wrapping up stories with our traditional Good Night Moon, Julia spies the jammies and brings them over. "Tigger needs jammies Mommy, it's night night."

So now Tigger wears the jammies, and it's another child to love these silly blue baby jammies. I should thank whoever bought them but I can't recall WHO it was. They seem magical, whomever my children love must wear them.

Thanks whoever bought them. They make me smile every time I see them.