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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Doesn't Just Happen

There is this great episode of Family Guy where Lois goes off her rocker because Peter blew off getting more paper towel after she's slaved to make the holidays happen once again.
Christmas isn't easy. In a family of six it's an exercise in logistical expertise.
My husband would be the one who gets the nod for pulling it off. Getting the presents organized, watching the sales, doing 99.99999% of the wrapping. Making the big man's contributions appropriate, he does it all.

It never fails to amaze me, the WORK of Christmas. Somehow he always gets it all done, and manages to celebrate on Christmas day with us despite the few hours of sleep he ends up with.
He makes it magical, whether it's your 10th Christmas or your second. It's an amazing lot of work he puts into it and I don't tell him thank you enough.
I should also say thank you for eating the cookies and mile every year. This year was a peppermint overload. Sorry about that. :)
Thanks Hunny. It was great this year as always, because of you.