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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let It Snow - Last Week

Right after Christmas we had lots of winter fun going to an outdoor lights show and partaking of the firepit marshmallow roasting. That would've been a perfect time for some lovely white fluffy snow right?

No it didn't come that week, did it? It let us get more than a week beyond the holidays. We got beyond the sweets and cookies, beyond the hot chocolate and warm holiday cheer.
So after all the holiday shenanigans, AFTER the holiday lights and the marshmallows and hot chocolate consumed around the fire pits, a good TWO WEEKS after, Atlanta get socked with a snow AND ice storm.

People who live up north don't get it. So let me help you out. I'm from the north. So yeah I get the snarly giggling that goes on. "Atlanta has a misting of snow, it's closed today." Except that isn't what happened. We got seven inches in some places. Then, we got ice.
So you smart mouths now, tell me some more about what a joke it is that Atlanta closed for a week.

It's a lot worse than most people who aren't from here would guess, because what most people don't actually know is that the Atlanta metro is amazingly hilly. Up north we Hoosiers have a big flat place on which to deal with our ice and snow. It's a skill. Here, there is no skill. If there is ice and there is gravity, you won't win. Not ever.

But for little boys who have grown up in a snow deficit, it's pretty amazing.

A REAL snow storm. Really missing SCHOOL because of a SNOW STORM. It was everything they'd ever imagined and then some.
Atlanta may not see another storm like this for another ten years. I am glad we didn't miss this one.

And this is the look of joy you get on your face when you see your family for the first time in three days, after having been snowed in at work - a mere 18 miles away.

Now it's raining and the snow is leaving.

Thank God.


Laura said...

That might be one of my favorite pictures of Charlie. Love it!

Frank said...

We missed you so much!