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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Blogging As The Baby Screams In The Background

Oh don't look at me like that. She's fine. It's bed time. She doesn't want to go.
This post isn't about her anyway.
No, it's about the bus driver.
Well, one bus driver.
Whom I have decided is an a-hole and I don't like.
One boy who was promoted to "moderate" autism was moved to a different school. It's fairly impressive. He LEARNS things, like how to write letters, and to spell. He speaks some.
(and no he's not "creative" or a savant, Rainman is a movie not reality)
But he also wants to do the things that he's learned.He wants to do them, ALL THE TIME.
So, he's learned how to unbuckle his seat belt.
And apparently, started doing it ON THE BUS.
The afternoon bus driver didn't ever bother to mention this. Nope. She apparently let it happen several times, and then just decided she was done and promptly kicked my special needs child off the bus.
No warning.
So his teacher promptly responded that NO, there are solutions and that just kicking him off the bus isn't the answer.
Apparently, something like THIS is.

Add a few more straps under the legs and around him and this is what we have now.
The morning bus driver,who apologized profusely and said he didn't know what was wrong with that woman, he'd never had a problem like this he'd just turn the buckle over and he'd never had a kid figure it out.
But here we are.
This boy who is the more developed of the twins, who has learned the mystery of language is now being strapped down every morning into this harness that upsets him. He looks even more special than he is and has to parade out in front of our neighborhood wearing his HARNESS.

I want to slap this bus driver.

You know my real issue here, isn't that we had to land here. I want him to be safe. I understand she's driving a bus and she can't have a kid running around on the bus but OH MY GOD. Could she have said SOMETHING? Could she have mentioned it? Could we have worked together on this to ATTEMPT some other solution?

See, because this kid of mine, he learns routines and learns them well. He could've learned exactly what to do. Now he's labeled as some sort of bus hooligan that has to be literally STRAPPED DOWN into his seat like an animal.

He's my child. He's not an animal. It makes me angry he was too much trouble to even try something else with.

He learned to say Happy Halloween this year. He counts. He's a person too.


April Brandon said...

That makes me angry too! There are other solutions that they could've come up with. It sounds to me, like afternoon bus driver needs a different job.