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Friday, October 01, 2010

The County Fair Rocks My Socks

Any event which starts out with funnel cakes, fresh lemonade and whatever the hell that sandwich is my husband got- RULES. It is some sort of cheese meat peppers thing. Philly Cheesesteak of some sort? I dunno.

It's sloppy. It's calorie filled. And none of it has nutritional value of any sort (except the lemonade which will ward off scurvy thankfully).

We took the oldest boy to the fair as his birthday outing.

It seems like he might be too big for some of the rides though.

Well that's ok because there were still lots of things to like, such as - THE FAN RIDE!

And we went and beheld that the animals and crops were plentiful and there was no need to sacrifice anyone to make sure we all lived through the winter...

And the rides weren't all so boring...I promise...

And even more importantly, there were foods on sticks and fried foods.

Yes, the harvest was good. There will prosperity and health in the coming winter.

And I am thankful.
This last picture is for my friend Prad, who told me to EAT SOME SALAD when I was salivating over what I was going to eat at the fair.
There Prad. Deep Fried Veggies. Does that count?
PS - I didn't eat any - that sounds too close to healthy.


Prad Patel said...

omg @ deep fried salad. Ick, ick, ick!