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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hairs of a Billy Goat

I used to work with this woman who was always dressed to the nines. She always had the cute bag and shoes and accessories. She got her hair done frequently and was always well coiffed. She also had this mole.
It was about a half in long - meaning - it STUCK OUT FROM HER FACE about a half inch.

This monstrosity in itself might've been not so horrific, had it not also had about FIVE HUGE BLACK HAIRS jutting out of it.

It never made sense. She went to SO much trouble to look great. But couldn't even PULL THOSE FUCKING HAIRS out of her chin. They were mesmerizing. You couldn't look away. They were so insane - they made no sense. And when she smoked on breaks, it was like the cigarrette was illuminating them, just so you got a better view.

I bring this up, because last week.......I discovered that I too am becoming a billy goat. I sprouted a black hideous hair in a mole (a nice flat non-sticking up mole) on my face, and another on my cheek.

I'm horrified by this - my face is rebelling against me. I take a lot of care not to look like a total freakshow and now THIS.


Needless to say, I plucked the fuckers. And this is a warning to all of their heirs.......YOU TOO WILL BE PLUCKED. Don't MAKE ME GET ELECTROLYSIS!