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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coats and Carseats

So my children have their first winter coats.
Which is an interesting thing to me.
My children have never had winter coats.
We had jackets, yes.
But never COATS.

So first off, thanks to Aunt April.

Second, How the F#$% do you get them in their CARSEATS with SAID COATS on?

I need to know! This is not a drill.
I mean,it's retarded to take their coats OFF and then put them back ON before they get out. And it's a pain in the ass. Do you just smooosh them in and make them fit?
Do you only put the coats on when you are really getting out of the car permanently but not bother with them for quick jaunts point A to point B?

Right now, we're opting to take them on and off as necessary but......this doesn't seem practical. How do all of you who are accustomed to the winter climate handle this?


Laura said...

We had to loosen up the straps on the carseats for the winter months. Since we always wear coats everyday here in the frigid midwest winter, we didn't really need to adjust the straps on a daily basis. If we were taking a long car trip (an hour or more), then we might tighten the straps and let the kids go without the coats.

Michele said...

Unzipping or unbuttoning them was what we used to do along with loosening the straps. That way they didn't get overheated either.

April Brandon said...

You're welcome. I would loosen the straps a little and leave them on.
Matt asked Maddy what Lou had that she really liked to play with, and she put her finger on her mouth and said...hmmm. TRAINS!!! Thought you would like that.

dana said...

I remember having to loosen the car seat straps several times to make sure the baby wasn't squished in the thing. It was a pain in the arse!

FENICLE said...

I always had to loosen the straps on the carseat as well. But be prepared for that unseasonal warm day when they wear a lightweight coat...because I guarantee you'll go to put them in the seat and freak out wondering why all of a sudden they've shrunk!!!

coolbeans said...

Adjusting safety seat straps to accommodate a coat is cautioned against. I hate to link to an "About" article because of pop-ups, but this it the best link I could find:

Instead of a thick winter coat, I put two thinner jackets on my little guy. Warm without being bulky. It IS a pain to put coats on and take them off all the time, so getting the warmest, ultra-thin coat is the way to go. I also try to keep a blanket in the car.