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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ovulating for Your Pleasure

So I'm Ovulating. I know this because I'm getting the tell tale ache in my side. It's in my right side. Right Ovary, reporting for duty. I should have known I was getting ready to have SOME sort of hormonal event because I have a zit bigger than my nose growing on my chin, also on the right side. I once told a doctor that every once in a while I felt like I was ovulating on BOTH sides......because I'd get the aches on both sides that month. He seemed to think I was being a silly woman. How silly WAS I - I ask you, with the products of my over-active ovaries currently messing about in their baby beds, wearing the cutest INCREDIBLES jammies I've ever seen?
Oh no, I wasn't ovulating on both sides......producing FRATERNAL twins. NO no. Imagination.
I had a rice krispie treat tonight which brings me to a secret.
I am a rice krispie treat addict. I don't make them......because I don't want to share them. I can't ever possibly make ENOUGH Of them to eat all of them that I want AND share them with you. And that would just be rude. SO as I shared the big Mickey Mouse shaped one that Santa brought with the family(okay my hubby was eating it,and HE shared it me).......let me just say that these people have no idea what sort of good manners this ovulating overly hormonal woman was using. I think I could have eaten the whole thing in one big bite.
I could eat 10 rice krispie treats right now. And no store bought ones. To hell with that.
I was the homemade kind.....made with just a LITTLE extra marshmallow.
Oh HELL I may make a pan tomorrow.
I have a new digital camera. Maybe I'll even take a picture of my ZIT for you!


Becky said...

Doctors. What do they know?

Bring on the RK treats!

april said...

I want a treat too!!!!

Alison said...

My husband is a rice krispy treat connoisseur. He'd fight you for the pan. Especially if they were peanut butter rice krispy treats.