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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Weekend 05

We had a pretty laid back Memorial Weekend. One big event was that everyone got new carseats - we're all facing forward now. VERY big stuff. We putzed around on Saturday with our fancy new car seats and then today went down to St Petersburg to the Sunken Gardens.
Scott and I had always wanted to go to those bakc int he day when we were kids, so we were pretty excited to get to check it out. It was amazing humid but extremely beautiful. http://www.sunkengardens.com We tooled around in there enjoying the flora and various lizards running around and then went over to one of the local malls to get out of the freaking Florida Heat.
Pretty mellow day. I'm working tomorrow in exchange for another day off in two weeks - which will be nice. We can go somewhere without the rest of the PLANET being there.

Louis came up to me a little while ago and said "Mommy how do you get a dog?"
Which probably explains our recent fascination with "I want a dog for Christmas Charlie Brown" which we watch daily.

I think somebody wants a dog.