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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Something Gained

Weight Watchers Results +3 pounds.

Oh hell where did I go wrong? Was it the fried chicken dinner? Was it the Mississippi Mudd Pie? Was it the three days on end that I didn't count my points at all?
This week has been a total failure. I am annoyed.
I'm also experiencing some sort of ovarian discomfort. Ovulating? Pregnant? I am not good at keeping track of these things, but I think it is ovulation. I took a Tylenol and hope it goes away as I have a crapload of packing to do today.

In work related fun, we had a huge brouhaha today over a package insert that was being sent to our customers. It featured "adult" lingerie items complete with nudity! Turns out the VP who signed off on it is a notorious degenerate tit-freak so there was a lot of sniggering AT him as he got his head handed to him by the BOSS. He is bitter, mostly at me, as I brought it up, and at my boss who took it to THE boss. But our customers were really freaking out about it. Who would have ever suspected we had such a large Puritan customer base? It was a laugh riot most of the day as the chaos ensued to STOP the flow of those items out of our warehouse.

I am not hopeful for my weight this next week, as it's a long weekend at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. How in the world am I supposed to lose weight there? Hell we go there just for the restaurants in many cases!

Okay, off to pack.......no seriously, I have to get working. I can't just hang out and play video games. Or can I?